The irony is that the fundraising process demands and too often breaks down founders’ confidence and clarity.

Reboot yourself before your next pitch. Be the authentic powerhouse YOU ARE for YOUR company.

“Yes, especially when you’re deep in the trenches of fundraising and your getting ignored or completely doubted by investors” says CEO of SheTransacts.

There’s no one right path through life as a startup founder — just yours.

When was the last time you really looked at how far you’ve come — the obstacles you’ve overcome, the twists and turns that you navigated, and the milestones that really made…

My Promise

As a former Olympic-level ice dancer, French/Econ major, NCAA hockey player (for scholarship), fashion CEO, and ed-tech CEO were all one of my “multiple lives” that led me to this honored role as CEO of WeTransact. As I mapped out my life trail, I saw something in myself that I hadn’t truly ever seen before. There was a common truth that tied all my previous “lives” together from all my experiences. Seeking a level playing field where I could challenge myself and reach my ultimate potential as a human to help others.

I am committed to paying it forward for…

Maximizing impact of investments globally by solving timing and alignment for founders and investors

The current founder fundraising playbook (pre-COVID) according to the All Raise Seed Boot Camp was for female founders to conduct 200 meeting in 2 months and close your round in under 4 months or you will be dead in the water living off zombie money. This means 100% of a founders time must be spend on networking and fundraising. For an early stage company when the founders are the drivers of traction this drastically impacts their traction and growth. This is a huge opportunity cost for an early stage company without a 6 month to 1 year runway to raise…

Alexis Williamson (Snelling) and Vitali Novikov. Senior International Ice Dance Competition 2009–2010. Lake Placid, NY

WeTransact AI SaaS platform is revolutionizing the way founders, funders and experts align. What does this former senior international ice dancer trained by the global masterminds have to bring to the legacy of the Silicon Valley-dominated tech world? Alexis Snelling CEO of WeTransact says:

“It’s all about alignment and timing.”

For hundreds of years, the world has watched and admired the stories of many Olympians’ road to compete with the best in the world. It’s not just the one Olympic performance that the world falls in love with these athletes. It’s the struggles that they had to overcome, their perseverance…

OwnTrail x SheTransacts are leaders in #AuthenTech for female founders fundraising. OwnTrail shares their fundraising journey & founder-to-founder advice to lift up fellow female founders struggling w/isolation & raising.

OwnTrail is a peer-to-peer support system that drives meaningful personal and professional development for women. On OwnTrail, women can own and share their authentic stories as Trails, see people who look like them in the places they aspire to, and empower each other to navigate obstacles and opportunities.

Rebekah Bastian is an entrepreneur, writer, artist, tech executive, mentor, wife, mother and aerial acrobat. She is the CEO & Co-founder of OwnTrail…

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Female and non-binary founders are often daunted by the fundraising process. We realized after watching all the heart felt and inspiring #RealRaise videos come thru from real female founders around the country that we were not alone in this struggle. We knew it was finally time to share with the world about our secret sauce at SheTransacts. SheTransacts fosters a community of like-minded, committed and passionate founders so you can increase your confidence, align with investor needs and raise more money for your early-stage startup.

Stop feeling frustrated by the statistics. …

THE Founder First Cooperative Incubator Platform

Tony Hsieh Was a Widely Admired, Wildly Successful Entrepreneur. But He Struggled to Find Real Happiness

The final year of life for the co-founder of Zappos was, unfortunately, a familiar story of entrepreneur isolation.

Our Founder First Approach

SheTransacts takes a holistic founder first approach with ongoing support and peer to peer reviews and scheduled engagements combine with our zen AI productivity app. Not only increasing productivity and execution of short term goals by 90% but keeping founders more connected and positive psychologically. SheTransacts is the CALM app for founders. Currently in private beta to begin being used by Cohort 1 of SheTransacts this week!

The current startup ecosystem teaches founders, investors, and experts that they need to compete against each other to win. This winner takes all approach is not sustainable…

Time is at a premium in any workplace. We are always looking for ways to get more bang for our buck, including employee training.

It needs to happen, your employees need further training and upgrading along the way, but where to find the time? And if time is not the problem, the efficacy of the training might be. Enter — microlearning.

What is Microlearning?

Delivered in small but power-packed bursts, micro-learning makes a significant difference in the way people are learning and doing their jobs. The learnings are offered in various forms, making them accessible and useful for all kinds of learners.


While we emphasize education and learning for our youth, the truth is that learning in life never stops. There are new things that we learn, new facts, new truths. Rather than fight against this, we need to embrace it. Only by embracing learning can we grow as people and help others with the knowledge that we gain. And there is a better way to learn as an adult that makes a difference in what we know and how we can use the new information that we are presented with.

For example, Transformative Learning Theory tells us that adults learn best…

Alexis Snelling

Human 1st, Revolutionary Startup Visionary of SheTransacts, Tech CEO, 3rd Generation Female Founder, and Olympic Level International Ice Dancer. Life is art.

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